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What is the Chinese
Traditional Massage?

Massage, in Chinese called ‘an mo’ or ‘tui na’, it is another great contribution that the Chinese made to the medical field.  Chinese Traditional Massage is a kind of outer physiotherapy and has been approved to be one of great practical use.

This marvelous treatment as a branch of Chinese medicine also has a long history.  The earliest record on massage is in the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty.  During the Spring and Autumn Period, a story that a miracle-working doctor Bian Que healed the faint prince through massage was written down, illustrating the amazing effect in such an early time.

In the Northern and Southern Dynasties, six techniques of hand massage evolved and became more professional, such as to strand, shake, twine, twiddle, knead and roll, which are still widely used.  Today it has developed over 20 varieties of techniques and the study on it is thriving.

Different levels of Chinese Traditional Massage can be achieved depending in the strength and direction of the hand, affecting from skin to pulse and muscle even to the bone marrow.

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Rosemary Massage

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