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Shangri-La Massage

907 W. Marketview Drive, Suite 9
Champaign, Illinois 61822

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What are the benefits of Acupressure?

Safe and highly effective, Acupressure involves no needle-pricks, no heat fomentations, nor any chemical or electric stimulation; Acupressure is used in many conditions ranging from stress management to relieve of arthritic joint and muscle pain.

It is particularly effective in allaying pain, which is mainly responsible for causing distress in patients.  Owing to the lack of any specific treatment in western medicine the patient often has to depend on strong potent drugs, which can have very harmful side effects.

Acupressure therapy is effective in all those conditions where physiotherapy is recommended like rheumatoid arthritis, arm and neck pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sciatica, backache, prolapsed disc, osteoarthritis and other diseases of soft tissue, muscles, bones and joints.  It also relieves and corrects sports and athletic injuries improving athletic performance.

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Rosemary Massage

206 N. Randolph Street
Church Street Square, Suite 7
Champaign, Illinois 61820


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Open 7 Days A Week:
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